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Foundation Year

Foundation Year:

In order to ensure the most effective learning experience, all students admitted to HIWPTT are required to take assessment and benchmarking tests. Students are then placed in the appropriate level in each focus area based on assessment results. Continuous assessment of skills and abilities are conducted throughout the program to assist in the achievement of the learning outcomes.

The HIWPT Foundation Year enables students to transition from secondary education into higher education by strengthening basic academic skills, developing study skills, and introducing the institute’s policies, procedures. Entry coursework at HIWPT is developed with consideration given to the successful completion of the objectives and skills which comprise the specific training programs. The specific objectives of the Foundation Year are to:

1.       English language proficiency.

2.       Quantitative and analytical skills.

3.       Computer literacy skills.

4.       Study skills.

5.       Work behavior and ethics.

6.        Knowledge and awareness of Health and Safety.


Diploma Year

Diploma Year: 

After successfully completing the Foundation Year the trainee progresses onto the Diploma Year.  The Diploma year consists of 3 equal terms.

English continues to be taught throughout the Diploma Programme.  Trainees are in class for 2 lessons per day following a programme which increasingly supports the Technical Programme they are following.

In the first term all trainees follow a Common Technical Course.  This course provides a general introduction to the scientific concepts needed to more easily understand the programmes offered in terms 2 and 3.  The Course has a balance of 80% practical work to 20% theoretical work.

In terms 2 and 3 the trainees follow their elected Specialty.  The Specialties available are Maintenance of  Electrical and Mechanical equipment, Instrumentation, Process Operation, Welding and Solar Power.  Specialties are decided in consultation with the Trainees’ sponsors.

All courses are assessed regularly and underperforming trainees are given remedial work.


On Job Training:

Following successful completion of the Diploma Year the trainee enters a period of On Job Training with his chosen sponsor which will normally last 6 months.  It is organized, delivered and assessed by the sponsors in close cooperation with the Institute.

The trainee can only graduate on successful completion of the On Job Training component.