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Date Acceptance Stage
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Application Process

Application Procedures:


1. The submission of all applications must go through the website only

2. Sort all applicants out and sent a text message (SMS) to the applicant number about the date of the placement Test.

3. Interview the applicants who passed the placement test.

4. The results of the applicants who have passed the interview and the placement test will be announced so they can do the medical examination at a medical center determined by the Institute.

5. The results of the final candidates for the admission will be announced through the following:

• The website of the Institute

• Send a text message to the number of the applicant.

• Send an e-mail the applicant email address.

6. The applicant must follow the instructions, and in the case of non-attendance at the deadline, the applicant will be ruled out.

7. The first week will be the orientation week and they will complete the signing of contracts with the accepted companies.

8. The documents of all accepted trainees will be received at the Higher Institute of Water and Power Technologies (Rabigh).


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